July 9, 2020

Baby gear most moms don’t want to live without

Babies mean lots of stuff, and the stuff you can choose from seems endless. So how do you sort through the mounds of things to buy for baby?

To decide what the best things to buy for baby are, you will want to see what other mothers have said they just can’t live without. Of course, every baby is different, but most babies need similar gear. Here are some of the top favorites:

Pacifiers: Babies love to suck. In fact, many first time moms complain about feeding their baby all day long, and complain that right after they feed their baby that he or she is hungry again. The fact is that many babies who want to eat again right after feeding really just want to suck. It is very comforting to them. So, top of your baby gear list should be pacifiers.

Infant swing: Most parents either can’t live without the swing, or hardly ever use it. This depends on the baby. For many babies the soothing side to side or back and forth motions are very calming. Some parents have found it is a great way to get a cranky baby to settle down, or to go to sleep.

Bouncy seat: Much like the swing, a bouncy seat can be a gift from god, or rarely used. It gives the baby a place to perch where they can see the world, and get jiggled and soothed at the same time.

Sound machine: This is especially helpful if your baby is a light sleeper. What it does is it makes background noise in their room, so that they hear the sound of waves crashing or rain falling, etc. These soft sounds are very soothing to babies and can help to get them to sleep.

Baby monitor: A baby monitor is a must have for many mom’s because it allows them to feel safe and content that their baby is doing alright when he or she is asleep. It means you can shut the door to their room, but hear when they wake up no matter where you are in the house. There are video monitors, high tech wireless monitors, etc. it really does not matter what kind you get as long as it helps you feel secure.

Nightlight: As silly as it sounds many new moms have found a nightlight to be extremely helpful, and would not do without one. Why? Well a nightlight can mean that you get through feedings and changing at night without having to turn on the brighter, harsher lights. This means the baby will fall asleep and stay asleep better.

Stroller: This is one item of baby gear most moms swear that everyone should buy. Why? Because even though your baby only weights 7 lbs or so, after walking around the store for ten minutes or so they get heavy. What about when you want to take a walk? Or what about the times you need your hands free? A stroller is an essential baby gear item.

There are many other things moms swear by, from changing tables to mobiles. The fact is there is a ton of baby gear out there, and the cost really starts to add up. So, wait until you have your baby to buy most of it, just put some money aside. Then, borrow for a few days to see if your baby will even like the item before you go out and purchase one.

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