July 9, 2020

How to choose a name for your baby

baby names

Choosing a baby name is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of names out there and it can be difficult to choose one. There are thousands of names to choose from. So, what can you do to ensure that they name you leave your child with for the rest of their life is not only appropriate, but also something that you will love and that they will like being called.

The following is a look at how you can choose your baby name:

First, choose it yourself. The fact is you will get plenty of suggestions from family, friends, and even people you do not know. However, it is your child, and you are the one who will be calling them the name for the rest of their life, so while listening to the suggestions, and considering them is not a bad thing, it is really okay to say no.

Second, make it a group decision. Most people find out they are pregnant between 6-12 weeks, which means typically you have another 28-34 weeks to choose a name. So, start discussing names with your partner as soon as possible. It is wise to make a list of names you like, and it is also wise to offer each spouse a veto or two so that the names one or the other hates do not end up on the possibility list.

Next, consider using tools on the internet such as baby name finders, and name meanings to help you choose a name that is meaningful to you. These tools are also great references for finding out what common names are so you do not name your child the same thing half of their class at school is named as well.

Weigh each option carefully. When thinking about names there is more to it than just liking a name. For example, you want to appease relatives, avoid things like embarrassing initials, or potentially embarrassing nicknames, etc. You want to avoid names that might provoke bad memories, or that are universally not okay, such as Sadam Hussien.

Consider sound and compatibility. For example, “Julia Gulia” like on the Wedding Singer sounds really funny, and so you want to consider how your baby’s name sounds when it’s said aloud. Is it melodious? Harsh? Too rhyming? Does it go well with your last name? A good rule of thumb is that if you have a long last name, choose a short first name, if your last name starts with a vowel, such as Adams, do not end the first name with a vowel.

Avoid names that are puns, such as Rocky Mountain, Anna Bee Good, Holly Wood, or Bud Weiser. If you have a name that could be a pun, such as the last name Daniels, do not name your child Jack. It is cute and funny for a few minutes, but let’s face it, your child will be stuck with that name.

If you have a familiar last name, consider a more unique first name. If you have a unique last name, consider a more familiar first name. This will make your child’s life easier.

Consider meaning of words. Names often hold meaning, such as Belle means beautiful, so make sure you know what their name means so that you do not label your child some way.

Ancestry, heritage, or meaningful names such as naming your child after an ancestor that has passed away, or after a best friend can be a great way to add meaning to your child’s name.

It is your child, so name them what you want, but remember, a name like Alyssa Samantha Smith gives your child the initials ASS, and some other kid is sure to point it out.