January 27, 2020

Tools for strengthening relationships

If you are like me, you have probably found it difficult to strengthen the romantic relationships in your life. You love a person but you don’t know quite how to improve your relationship with them. With all the business of life it can be difficult to dedicate time and energy to strengthening a relationship. Most people just find some sort of status quo and live with it. They find life too overwhelming to focus on drastically improving their relationship. However, when we don’t try to improve our relationships they tend to fall into problems. The marriage seems to become stale and boring. Like so many things in life, when the marriage stops growing it tends to die. It will take effort and patience to strengthen your relationship with a spouse, but it will be worth it in the long run. So what are some tools for strengthening your relationships?

There are a number of ways to strengthen relationships and only some of them will work for you and your spouse. Realize that because your situation is unique you will have to be the one to figure out what works best. It will probably require some experimentation and effort to finally come up with a strategy that will move you forward.

One common tool for strengthening any relationship is spending time together. If you don’t spend time together you really don’t have  relationship, and the more time spent together the better. Obviously with the demands that modern life places on so many of us it can be difficult to find lots of time to spend together, but if you can set aside at least one night a week you will greatly improve your marriage. A date night is a very effective tool for strengthening a relationship, but it only works if you plan the date carefully. Because you will only have a limited amount of time to spend together you need to make that time exciting and pleasurable. Sit down each week and plan your date with your spouse. Date planning time can also be a good time to spend with each other.

Another very important tool for strengthening any relationship is communication. Communication means more than just having a conversation-although this is very important as well. Communication means that you share important information about your thoughts and feeling with each other. You talk about your hopes and dreams, and about exciting new ideas. Most relationships are based on some sort of shared interests or a passion for similar hobbies or ideas. You need to continue to look for things to share and make these passions a major part of the marriage. You also need to find ways to communicate things that are difficult or unpleasant. Often people think that they will frighten or scare their friends or spouse if they tell them about their problems. However, it is often when people share their deepest and darkest secrets that they can form a bond of trust with another person. Your marriage will only go as deep as you allow it to go-if you keep it on the surface it will only stay there.

Another important tool is frequent displays of affection. You need to show your spouse that you love them as often as possible. This could take various forms, such as hugs, or simply saying that you love them. Marriages that succeed are often the ones where spouses’ communicate their affection openly. If your spouse does not know that you love them they will find it very difficult to love you in return.