January 27, 2020

Date night-never miss it!

couple on a datenight

When people fall in love they tend to come to a time when they would love to get married. The honeymoon stage makes most people feel like getting married, but shortly after the wedding bells have rung out their happy tune the couple finds themselves faced with difficulties. They start to discover little problems with the other person. Stressful situations arise and there are serious disagreements about how to deal with problems. How will you keep that marital bliss going when there is so much stress and so much to fight about? There might be no way to keep things as they first were when you got married, but there are some tools you can use to make sure that your marriage will stay strong and increase in love. If you think about the honeymoon period there is probably one thing that stands out besides your uncritical adoration of the other person. You spent lots of time with your future spouse while you were dating. You went out on several dates every week and you thought of exciting things to do with the other person. In other words, you spent lots of time together and it was productive, well-planned time. If you want to watch your marriage grow you need to continue going on dates with your spouse long after you are married. Technically you will need to keep going out on dates as long as you are married-even into old age.

Date night is not an option for any couple, and it needs to happen just about every week. You and your spouse need some time every week to sit down with each other and have some stress free time. You need to take a break from the stress of life and rediscover what led you to marry each other. The key to successful date nights is planning. Think about your date night throughout the week and consult with your spouse. Think about activities that both of you would like to participate in. Try something new, whether it be a new restaurant, jazz club, or sport. Don’t limit yourself to the same old date-there are lots of options out there. An exciting date in a new place can really spark some passion in your relationship. You leave the world of chores, work, and kids behind, discovering new things together. If you are creative you can come up with lots of new possibilities for great dates.

If you find that other things are getting in the way of date night, make sure that you alter your schedule so that you can start again. Often couples find that something comes up and keeps them busy in such a way that they forget to take time for themselves. This often occurs when there are serious problems in a family-an illness or loss of a job, for example. However, it is especially in such stressful times that you need to slow down and take a break. Divorces often occur because a special circumstance forces a couple to fight. Having a weekly date night in the midst of such tension can make a big difference and might even save your marriage. If you have not tried date night before you need to start right away. It takes some discipline and work to get it going, but you will find that date night is a great tool for strengthening your relationship. Sit down with your spouse today and think about your next date. You will find that spending a little time with your spouse each week is a must.