July 9, 2020

Baby gear for transportation

There is a lot more to baby gear for transportation then just strollers and car seats. This does not mean there is a ton of gear you need beyond that, just that you need to put some thought into the gear you do choose. Let’s take a look at this:

First let’s talk about strollers:

You will probably need a couple of strollers, or at least a stroller that can do a few things. For example, for a newborn, you’ll want a stroller that reclines to almost flat. This means you can buy a stroller that reclines for when they are newborn, and another that does not recline as much for later. Babies shouldn’t be propped upright for long, until they’re about 3 months old or until they’ve developed stronger neck muscles.

Another thing you want to consider is the wheels. If you’re shopping for a new stroller, look for wide wheels. This makes steering easier, and usually means the wheels are going to last longer.

With strollers, as a newborn you may not be strapping your baby in, but any mother with a toddler knows that if you do not strap in, they do not stay in. However, kids change sizes, so be sure to look for a stroller with adjustable straps.

Beyond all the extras, like cup holders, and canopies, it is most important to find a stroller that is easy to steer. Easy steering is going to be key in your life. If your stroller is hard to push and steer, or takes a lot of energy to keep on course, to take turns with, or to maneuver through the mall or wherever it is that you are going, you won’t use it. Not using means wasted money. So, stick your child in the stroller and go for a roll around the store, and make sure that it works right for you. Test before you buy so that you are not unhappy later.

Now let’s look at car seats:

U.S. law requires that your child sit in a car seat while riding in any car. Your nurse at the hospital will make sure your baby is strapped in right and tight before they will let you leave the hospital. Obviously, you start out with an infant car seat, but at some point, your baby will grow out of it. So, what to think about when buying car seats includes the following.

How many times do you want to buy a car seat? You can get one of two different types of car seats when you have an infant. You can get an infant seat that works up until 20 pounds and is rear facing, or you can buy a convertible seat, which can face rear or front, designed to be used by both babies and older children.

With car seats consider having a base it locks into that can stay in the car so that you do not have to do up the seat belt each time. If you drive more than one car, look for one that has additional bases available.

Consider the straps. You can either get 3-point or 5-point straps with a car seat. The 5-point are safer, but many find the 3-point to be easier.

Other transportation gear is unnecessary unless your lifestyle deems it needed. You can get backpacks that carry babies if you are going to be outdoors a lot in areas unfit for strollers, such as hiking. You can get jogging strollers that come with larger wheels for running. There are a lot of options out there, but the basics needed are a good car seat, and a good stroller.