July 9, 2020

What every new mom should know about diaper rash

It is very important for a new mom, before leaving the hospital, to find out all the basic information she can to care for her newborn baby. She must discuss with her doctor and the baby’s pediatrician about any concerns or worries she may have. This is especially essential for new moms when everything is new to them.

Diaper rash is generally caused by heat and skin irritations from urine or stool. A newborn baby’s diaper must be checked every so often at least every two to three hours. This is because of a baby’s sensitive skin and that you want to reduce the moisture against the skin to prevent diaper rash. You want to keep the baby’s bottom dry and clean at all times. You will want to change your baby as soon as possible after each wetting or bowel movement.

Some babies are more likely to have diaper rash than others. In this situation, you may want to leave your baby’s diaper off part of the time to air dry the infected area. Remember to place your baby on a waterproof sheet to protect the area he occupies. Furthermore, make sure that your baby is kept warm while he’s off the diaper to avoid catching a cold. If your baby is wearing cloth diapers, it will be extremely helpful if you switch them to disposable ones.

Babies have very sensitive, soft and smooth skin and using regular adult soap can dry and irritate your baby’s skin. You can find lots of different types of baby soap and shampoos at your local grocery store that is very suitable to use for your newborn baby. After your baby has a bowel movement, make sure to clean the bottom area very well using warm plain water. Next, dry it thoroughly with a soft towel, then apply a diaper rash ointment on it. This process will ease the irritation on the baby’s bottom skin, and a clean and dry diaper will have your baby smile with contentment. Now, if his bowel movement is very messy and the infected area looks painful, fill up the sink or the baby tub with warm water and soak and clean his bottom that way. This quick process will ensure the cleanness and the comfort of your baby.

Sometimes the diaper brand your baby wears may not be suitable for him. You may want to upgrade the kind of diapers he wears to the more expensive brand that offer better moisture absorption and leakage retention. Using a diaper rash ointment is also a great idea to use on your baby’s infected area after he’s cleaned and thoroughly dry. The diaper rash ointment helps prevent moisture from coming in contact with the skin and allowing the infected area to heal faster. If the affected area doesn’t clear up after a while, you need to call your pediatrician and talk to him about some of your options. He may need to prescribe something stronger and better depending on the severity of your baby’s infected bottom area. What your baby eats, whether it’s the bottle formula milk you give him or the solid foods, can cause diaper rash. Babies simply can‘t escape from having a diaper rash now and then.

Having a diaper rash is basically normal with babies. There are however lots of ways you can prevent or limit the spread of diaper rash. You can always expect to have, from time to time the rash come back. Simply make sure you change your baby’s diapers often, that you clean his bottom very well with wipes or with a soft wet warm towel, that you dry the area thoroughly and if there is an infection that you treat the infected area with a diaper rash ointment.