June 1, 2020

What milestones to worry about if not reached

Childhood development is a complicated and rich process with lots of ups and downs. It requires tremendous time and patience, both on the part of the parent and the child. Everyone gets frustrated while trying to reach particular milestones in development. Although every child is different from another, there are certain developmental periods and stages that almost all children pass through. If your child is not developing according to the proper milestone you should talk to your doctor. Developmental problems can be serious if they are not caught early. A friend just had a baby and had some serious problems because she did not pay close attention to the important developmental milestones. It was not until the child was almost three years old that her mother noticed some serious problems. Fortunately another friend recognized the problem and advised a medical consultation. The child quickly got proper care, and now at the age of five is at about a normal learning level. If my friend had not caught this problem her child could have suffered from serious developmental dissabilities thorugout life. These sorts of problems often impact life in a very serious way—both social and emotional. If you are concerned about your child’s well being you should consider further education about important milestones.

The basic milestones that you need to worry about if not reached are some of the following:

If your child cannot sit up with support at six months of age you could have a problem. Also, if the child cannot sit without support at nine months of age there is probably some sort of issue. Another major issue relates to speaking; if the child is not babbling in some fashion by six months there is a good chance that some sort of intellectual problem might be in the works. Most children have also shown major preference for one hand. Naturally if you don’t see any type of speech development after the first year you should be very concerned, and if your child cannot stand or walk within the first two years you probably have a problem. There are various other major milestones in early development that you can become aware of by talking with a doctor or developmental psychologist.

A good parent is one who is aware of how their child should develop. Observer your children closely and get the opinion of friends and family. If you see any sign of a problem act quickly to get help. It has been shown that many developmental problems can be fixed quickly if caught early. If you wait too long it will be more difficult to fix the problems in the future. Parenting should not be something you do in a spirit of constant fear, but you do need to be aware of how your child should develop. Because every child is different you should not compare your child to any other. It is better to simply get a doctor’s opinion and make regular visits. Make sure that your child also attends a good preschool where teachers have time to observe the children and recommend courses of action. This type of care can make a large difference in the lives of children. We don’t know everything about development in children but we do know that you can make a major difference with trained professionals who know what to look for. If your child seems to be developing slowly, or not developing at all you should be concerned and act quickly—you might be able to control their future.

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