June 1, 2020

When to switch from diapers to training pants

Raising a child is one of the most difficult things that any person will do in their lifetime. Children demand constant care and attention. However, they also bring us remarkable joy and growth. Children bring particular developmental challenges for even the most concerned parents. One of the truly terrible things that just about every parent must go through is potty training. It is so difficult to train someone to do something that seems so simple and natural for adults. Frustrations rise and naturally make it difficult for most parent and child; few fo us ever think about the type of training and energy that went into getting us to the basic skill levels at which we currently are. If you think about it you realize just how much your parents really do love you. Potty training is remarkably difficult for various reasons, but that does not mean that you can’t make it easier. There are various programs and tools that you can use to make the process a whole lot easier on yourself and your child. If you are interested in making the whole thing allot easier you should consider switching from diapers to training pants. It is extremely difficult to make the switch directly from diapers to the toilet. Children are bound to have accidents along the way in their underward. However, training pants are a nice inbetween stage because the child can pull them up and down when they go to the restroom. The training pants thus help the children to realize that they are adults and that they need to start doing grownup things in the bathroom.

There is a tipical time over the course of the development of a child to switch from the diapers to training pants. Generally when the child is somewhat toilet trained you will be ready to move forward to the training pants phase. The problem with doing anything too much sooner is that the child does not know well enough how to raise or lower their pants. If they can’t do this they won’t understand how to use the training pants. Once the child has reached this point you can start using training pants and then move to regular child’s underwear. You don’t want to make the switch to underwear unless the child is fairly far alon in the toilet training process. Otherwise you will go through a tremendous amount of child’s underwear very quickly and probably make the child feel poorly about themselves.

Making the switch from diapers to training pants is a big part of the potty training process. As soon as your child feels responsible enough to pull up and down those training pants you will find that they are on the fast track toward total independence. The real difficulty is getting them to the point where they understand the use of the toilet. You can’t force a child to become toilet trained by having them wear either training pants or regular underwear. You need to first get them started on the general road to potty training and then think about some fo these other helps. Don’t be frustrated if training pants take a little while for your boy or girl to become used to. With some time and patience you can help your child get to the training pants stage and then on to the underwear stage. It won’t be easy, but if you are both patient and caring you will see results quickly. Remember, never yell at or attack a child for a problem with toilet training—you will only make the problem worse in this case.

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