June 1, 2020

Will disposable training pants help?

For those of us who have been parents, we know how frustrating it can be to try to potty train a young child. The process is long and difficult; many parents report being highly frustrated by the way their children respond to training. What seems like such a simple and necessary thing to adults is not for a young child. The frustration is made worse by the fact that most adults cannot remember their own potty training. They can’t understand why it would be so difficult to figure out how to use a toilet, despite the fact that it was probably just as difficult for them to do so when they were young. In other words, the situation seems perfectly designed to create real frustration. However, with a little bit of help many people find that the process can be made much easier. Many parents have also reported that training pants have helped their child develop the requisite potty training skills. So, is it better to try to simply work from diapers to a toilet, or to use disposable training pants first?

In many cases parents have found that using disposable training pants can make a huge difference. This is partly because the children who use them can actually take them on and off like regular underwear. This helps the child learn what it will be like when they start to use their own underwear. Realize, however, that simply using training pants will not toilet train your child. It helps them to start behaving more like a grown child, but it doesn’t do any training for you. The child still needs to have regular toilet training or they will simply treat their training pants like they are diapers. Continue to actively toilet train the child, helping them to understand that the training pants are just a part of the process. You can also be a bit more insistent that your child not make a mess in their training pants—treat them like they are regular underwear and help your child to feel disappointed with themselves when they make a mess in their nice new pants.

Many parents don’t realize that they need to change training pants as quickly and frequently as regular diapers. Just as with a diaper, if a training pant is not changed after a child soils it, the waiste can severely damage skin. What a training pant really does for you and your child is to help encourage the child to think more like an adult. When your boy or girl wears training pants they start to feel the expectations of an adult. They realize that if they want to be treated like an adult they will need to use the toilet and avoid messing their nice new pants. The effect can thus be as psychological as physical, but this should no lead you to think that it is unimportant. If nothing else, your child will know how to put on their pants as soon as they are toilet ready.

Although the proper method will vary depending on the child and parents, training pants could be a good method to use when potty training. You don’t want to rush your child from diapers to the toilet, although you aslo don’t want to simply move them from diapers to training pants. The key with potty training is to keep pushing for progress. Your child will not progress on their own so you need to keep working with them. Don’t give up on them or become so frustrated that you neglect their development. If you can think optimistically about your child and the potty training process it will go much faster and will be much easier for both of you.

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